Reply to Struggles of an older dad

My dad was 49 when I was born (big age gap with my mom). I never noticed his age until people started asking me if he was my grandpa.. and even then I always thought people were silly for saying that. I’ve never seen him any different than anybody else’s younger parents. He wasn’t the most involved parent as he really believed that it’s always the woman’s job to take care of the child. But he was still there for me when my mom wasn’t available. I still love him, I just wish he was a little more involved. So my advice... your daughters won’t see your age. Don’t worry about what others think. Despite your age, you could still be a better father than the younger ones. Just be there for them as much as you are able to. Talk to them, teach them what you know, hold and hug them as much as you can!! Enjoy fatherhood 🙂