Reply to Transitioning from 2 naps to 1

I just transitioned my 13 month old to 1 nap. I pushed morning nap to 11 for a few days he would sleep bout 60/75 mins. Then a short afternoon nap around 3.30/4. Bed around 6/6.30. He then increased night sleep to 12hrs not 11. So as we progressed i pushed nap to 11.30/12 for a couple of days and he would sleep about 90 mins and just kept early bed time. Now finally at nap 12-2 and sleep 6.30pm-7am of course it can vary slightly depending on teething etc but it seemed to be pretty smooth for him. What is your daughters typical day like with wake up and sleep times? 10 months still seems pretty early for 1 nap but some can be ready early. On average its about 18 months, im surprised my little one changed easily.