Reply to Help me out mommas-- is your LO on probiotics?

I’m having the same problem! LO is 9 weeks 5 wks adjusted. The Neosure really does a number on her and made her an extremely fussy baby. I’ve spoken to my pediatrician and she assures me it will pass but it’s so difficult in the meantime. I’ve given her Gerber Soothe drops, gas drops, gripe water, Wiindi, warms showers (in between baths) and it seems like a combo of things only works occasionally. I’ve even gone as far as mixing her formula with a gentler similac brand (but tbh i don’t think it did much). While she has been able to poop, typically it’s harder and clumpy like clay (blame the iron). I will say I think warm baths/showers do help at least provide some comfort- I would also try a heating pad