Reply to Protein for 9m old.

@ Bailey, couldn’t you just deconstruct the puree and give the ingredients to her whole?! @Melanie- I just deconstruct it if you will. If there’s Greek yogurt, oatmeal, chia seed- or Quinoa, and banana, I make it as though I’m going to eat it- in a bowl, and give it to my son. If I want it in a hurry and don’t want to make the thing into an extravagant meal, I make stuff ahead- Quinoa, and Chia seeds can be prepared over night, and one minute oats are a go too. I throw it in my blender, and make a smoothie or purée with it, and put it in a sippy cup for him, and off we go! So he gets the protein and nutrients without the sit down, or it being packaged!