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🤦🏾‍♀️ Family issues


I’m just so irritated. I don’t even know what to do. His family are in doubt that he is the father of my child. His father and I know for sure he is biological father to my son. I have not slept with anyone but him. His family goes on and on about I don’t think he is yours. So they all want DNA proof. Why should we get one when we know for sure he’s the dad? His oldest brother still in doubt but yet, wasn’t around when this happened. He was and still is in Germany the whole time. He obviously have no say in this. Only one family member out of that family believe that our son is his. One! His oldest brother influenced them all into doubts. I had no choice but to remove them off my Facebook, not allow them to see my son. I do not tolerant doubts when his father and I only people that know what actually going on.

  • Tamara
    Nov 22, 2018

    Make them pay for the DNA test and rub it in their faces when it comes back that he’s the bio father 🤷‍♀️

  • Lulu
    Nov 22, 2018

    I agree with Tamara. Besides why is it their business anyway?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 22, 2018

    I don’t even know. It doesn’t matter that it’s his family, they shouldn’t even pressure on baby dad to get dna test. He know he’s the father, like why should a dna test matter?

  • Angel
    Nov 22, 2018

    I know how you feel I'm in the same situation. What I would do is make them pay the DNA test since they don't believe you that way when it comes back that it is his. They can all look stupid.

  • Julie
    Nov 22, 2018

    😪. What a bunch of a holes! Sorry for the language! I would tell them they can pay for the DNA test and I would also tell them they just ruined your relationship with them and you’re not letting your child be alone with them, ever. EVER!!! They obviously think poorly of you and lord knows what they will say about you when you’re not there to defend yourself!!!

  • Lily
    Nov 24, 2018

    I would just stop talking to them and not let them see him until they give it up. Because it doesn’t matter and is definitely gone of their business. Don’t get the DNA test unless it is something you want. They have no say it that what so ever. Because that kind of thing is definitely something you don’t want them talking about as he gets older.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 28, 2018

    If you know and he knows then who cares what his family thinks. I dealt with this with my son his dad kept telling him to get a DNA test because at the time we weren’t married. We never got one and my son looks exactly like his dad. I wouldn’t stoop to their level

  • Shelley
    Feb 19

    My FIL asked his son if he is “sure” our daughter was his when I was pregnant. I still today, 7 years later and with another child of his and married, still resent him for asking. It is insulting. I have tried to forgive, tried is the key word and I def can’t forget. I’m sorry you have more than one person questioning your child’s father. So rude and hurtful. Stay strong!