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Favorite games or toys for toddlers?

Our son is almost two and a half. We’re looking for fun games for him. We subscribed to kiwi crate but he wasn’t really into those. Would love any ideas!

  • Anonymous
    Mar 15

    My son just turned 3 and has zero interest in crafts or organized activities. Sometimes he will paint or play with Play-doh. You should take a look at @busytoddler on Instagram, she has some really great ideas, and they are easy and cheap to put together. the only one he has ever liked is the sensory bin though. You could also try puzzles. My son loves Rescue Bot transformers, and Superwings. Anything he can Essentially take apart and put back together. You just need to try a bunch of things to figure out what he loves most and try not to push it if he isn't interested.

  • Adria
    Mar 15

    Magnatiles are great for imaginative building! And they don’t take up a lot of space.

  • A
    Mar 15

    Blocks. Those wooden train sets.

  • K
    Mar 15

    2 is still a little young for most bored games. You can try things like Zoo Bingo, no words just pictures and goes pretty quick. My son looovved Little People play sets at that age. They are amazing for pretend play.

  • PK
    Mar 15

    My son just started to take an interest in puzzles. So I have kids puzzles downloaded on his tablet and I also got him alphabet (Elmo’s alphabet on the go) and number puzzles (just a plain wooden one). I second @busytoddler. We also have a water table that he loves. My MIL got him some magnetic bath toys that came with fishing poles and nets that he likes. You can use that in the bath or set it up in a big container/water table and let them go fishing!

  • Jennifer
    Mar 16

    Wood puzzles are my sons favorite. Also puzzle and coloring apps

  • Katie
    Mar 16

    Shark Bite and Don't break the ice are toddler friendly -my 2.5 year old isn't quite ready to fully follow the rules but he follows them well enough its fun to play together and encourages turn-taking.

  • byrd
    Jun 20

    skoozey pegs, age appropriate puzzles, big paper melissa and doug blocks, mini trampolin