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Favorite reusable swim diaper for a newborn?

  • Hannah
    Dec 04, 2017

    I’ve never used one for a newborn, but iPlay (target carries them) were fabulous for us ages 6m-2 years!

  • Emma
    Dec 04, 2017

    Huggies, although we also used iplay most of the time. We did use the Huggies on vacation when we wouldn’t have access to a washer/dryer.

  • Sunny
    Dec 05, 2017

    I like the cloth ones from Honest Company. They have a bunch of cute designs, and they fit my kids really well.

  • Asia
    Dec 05, 2017

    A cloth diaper.

  • Lara
    Dec 06, 2017

    Target has some very adorable ones, I believe they are around $10.