Reply to What are some things to know about postpartum

I wish I knew it could take several days for your milk to come in and then several weeks to establish a supply to keep up with your kid (I exclusively pumped). I was so hard on myself for not breastfeeding from the get go and the lactation consultants in the hospital didn’t help either. Also give her an FYI about tongue ties and lip ties that can make breastfeeding hard for kids. Also... if something doesn’t feel right when you get home, see a dr right away!! I had trouble breathing and I was trying to ignore it. Turns out my body wasn’t getting rid of fluid I retained fast enough and it was seeping into my lungs making it difficult to breathe. I was given prescription diuretics. Mastitis is a b****. If you get clogged ducts often, look into taking soy lecithin. Don’t wait to get antibiotics if you do get mastitis.