Reply to Big rash?

Both my 1 year LO and husband have eczema. I’ve switched to having him use baby versions of lotion since the skin deep rating on is 1 or 2. We use aveeno baby for him. For LO, we use cetaphil with calendula throughout the day and Earth mama with lavender at night. We bath her every other day and also use wool dryer balls when drying her clothes. My husband’s eczema flairs up in cold weather and when he eats gluten and peanuts, so we use him as a sort of guide for what may trigger or LO’s flair ups. I still let my LO have bambas, which are the peanut flavored corn puffs from a Trader Joe’s but limit how much she can have. Our soy sauce is tamari, which is gluten free, and we buy gluten free pasta/breads. The only bread my husband can have that isn’t gluten free is Dave’s Killer bread so we give soft small pieces to LO.