Reply to No screen time - thoughts?

I have my first on the way, so I can't speak from experience yet, but my husband and I have already talked about screen time. My plan is to raise her like I was raised and to be a good example when I'm around her. My first thing will be no videos on the phone (except now that you mention it, showing her videos of herself sounds fun and harmless.) I am ok with some TV shows occasionally, because I know I loved sesame street on the weekend mornings when I was a kid, but ONLY occasionally. I don't watch TV too much myself, so I don't see it being a hard rule to stick to. Keeping videos on the TV also limits it to when we're home, and only in the living room. We don't have TVs in our bedrooms. My second plan is to limit my own interaction with my phone while I'm around her. I plan to keep it out of sight, out of mind. Kids always want to mimic what they see their parents doing, so I'm sure if I have my phone out, she'll want to reach for it too. You sound like you're doing a great job!! I have lots of friends with little kids and they all tell me I'll cave and give my kids the phone because it makes their lives so much easier, but I think it's really important not to do that. Good job not taking the easy way out! Don't be hard on yourself.