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My son is now 25 months. Right around when he was about to turn 2 he started to develop some fears of the shower which impacts his ability to enjoy the bath. This happened after my 4 year old turned the shower on him. My 2 year old now HATES the bath. However, it goes in waves- 2 weeks of hate on, 3 weeks off etc., we are currently experiencing the worst bath fear yet. He’s also severely afraid of ants. I remember my older son having a fear of ants too but I can’t remember how long it lasted. Any advice on getting past the fear stage.. or is this not even normal? Please help bring back my happy, care free 2 year old!!

  • Megan
    Apr 12

    I’d let him play with the shower nob and let him turn it on and off himself so he knows how it works. Then if he’s still scared, maybe let him tape it down for his bath so he knows it won’t be turned on.