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Feedback for in-home daycare

Our 8 month old has been in an in-home daycare since she was about 6.5 months old, which runs like a bigger daycare. We LOVE it and our little lady likes it too (besides all the colds she catches... building up her immunity, right?) The ages of kids there range from infants to early preschool age. When the owner watches the babies, our daughter does wonderful: naps are on schedule and great, she eats well, and comes home happy. Our only issue is that when the grandma watches the babies, the schedule isn't adhered to and our daughter doesn't nap or eat well. We've mentioned something before, and seem to get the run-around ("oh, she didn't want to go down for her nap" or "she just loves to interact with all the kids"). With her being 8 months old, her awake time is limited, but needs to be watched. Is there a nice (but firm) way to provide this feedback to the owner, so that the grandma follows the schedules more? I'm a pretty laid back person, but I feel like I'm getting super frustrated with them not sticking to her schedule... plus I begin to worry! :(

  • Kim
    Dec 17, 2018

    Just remember YOU are the parent and make the decisions for your child. You are paying for a service and have specific guidance and expectations that are set. The owner seems perfectly capable of following your desired routine, so I certainly don’t think you are out of line to be frustrated. That would bother me too, because as a working mom it isn’t easy already, then when needing to deal with a baby that is fussy or acting up bc the schedule wasn’t followed just makes it that much harder with the limited time we do have with our babies. I would have an honest conversation with the owner and let her know you love her service but are having some issues as you stated. Try to remove emotion from it (eve though it is an emotional topic), and make it about the service you are paying for and require of them. They are likely having the same behavior from the caregiver with other kids too. It isn’t your child clearly, since they are fine otherwise under the owners care. It is in the owners best interest to know what is going on too, so they don’t potentially lose their customers due to folks who will find alternate care and not discuss the issues. It is ok to state your expectations for a service you are paying for and get the consistent care you need for your child