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Feeding himself?

When do babies learn to hold the bottle by themselves? I feel like he should be doing it by himself by now, but he won’t touch the bottle if I’m holding it. He won’t take it out of my hand, and he gets frustrated when he can’t figure out how to drink it. Is it too early? If it’s not, what do you suggest? He’s 8 1/2 months.

  • B
    Apr 11

    My daughter never once held a bottle herself. Just wasn’t interested. Was fine when using sippy cups with handles

  • Anonymous
    Apr 11

    Mine never held his bottle either. I wouldn't worry about it, they just don't want to. But focus more on her pincer grasp when she feeds herself solids. That is an important skill.

  • Aryanna
    Apr 12

    My baby started when he was 4 months old. Im not sure if it was him and his determination because he’s one of those babies that wants to do everything himself, but I noticed if I put the bottle close to his mouth, he was eager enough to grab it and feed himself. But like I said, I’m not sure if it’s just my baby. I’d can give it a try and see.

  • Amy
    Apr 12

    M 8 month old wants to try but hasn't figured out tipping it up (same problem with the sippy cup).