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Feeding schedule

I have a almost 7 month old. I have been feeding her puréed food for a month now once a day. About 2 ounces. Whats everyone’s feeding schedule like for a baby that age and what are you feeding them?

  • Jennifer
    Dec 20, 2018

    On the weekend we free feed as we go and try to get 1-2 solids in. Her daycare structure is more consistent. She BF at wake up, eats three 5 oz bottles plus two solids (oatmeal mixed with fruit in the AM and a veggie blend at “lunch”). Then BF again when we get home (~4-4:30p) and a final BF for bed around 6-7p. Recently she’s been really distracted when BF, so we are starting to mix formula in since that’s affecting how much I can pump at work. Our pediatrician said it’s normal at this age for her to get distracted it’s okay for her start gradually weaning. She recommended if my pumping naturally subsided and I’m concerned about balanced nutrients using solids right now to simply supplement with formula, and we can switch to cow milk once she turns 1.

  • Bailey
    Dec 20, 2018

    I think it really depends on your baby’s cues. My daughter was eating 4oz 3 times a day with a snack in between dinner by 7m. Some babies eat less, some babies eat more. So i would go off what your babies needs are. She ate mostly Gerber purees at that age but I always let her try what I was eating as well. She’s 9m old now and pretty much eats whatever I eat or what I make her and Gerber toddler dinners.