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My baby has been drinking formula for 2 weeks now. Similac pro comfort (purple container). He’s been good with the formula but now when he eats, he starts crying and pushing out the bottle when it gets to about half way of the feeding. I try and burp and hold him to give him a little break and continue the feeding but as soon as I put him in the position to feed him, he starts crying frantically. I changed his diaper and did everything I could think of. He seems fine as soon as I’m holding him in a soothing position he likes. It’s always right when he gets back into the position he eats in. Can it be that he associates it and doesn’t want to eat anymore? Or do I need to change the formula? I’m lost and I need help.

  • PK
    Jul 31

    Maybe check the flow of the bottle? Is it too slow and he’s getting frustrated?

  • G
    Jul 31

    I was thinking bottle flow as well. Are there burps coming out when you burp? We had to purchase German formula since the LO did not like anything else.

  • Kate
    Aug 02

    Consider taking him to get checked for reflux. My daughter went through a phase like that, fighting the bottle about halfway through. When she had just started to lose weight, we put her on a prescription that really helped.

  • Liya
    Aug 11

    How old is your baby? It could be he is distracted by his environment, teething, acid reflux, does he eat a lot at night?