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Feeling guilty


My son fractured his elbow by falling off the back of the couch and I feel horrible about it. My husband isn’t making me feel any better either. I know it was my fault but he’s making the situation and me feel worse than I already do. I know he has the right to be upset at me because it happened on my watch but to make me feel worse about it is wrong. Am I right?

  • Raji
    May 08

    I’ll just share my experiences; I always kinda blow on my husband if he’s with kiddo and something happens like a bump. I always apologize to as I was just scared that she might get hurt. I don’t mean to make my hubby feel bad as I know he does already. Talk to your hubby and tell him u feel bad already and if the situation was reversed you would be supportive. I wouldn’t beat myself up about it as kids get hurt. We could be right next to them and things happen. As long as he heals and he’s ok..... move on.

  • K
    May 11

    Sh@$ happens! I have 3, a son (4) and twin girls (18mths), and they have all gotten hurt on somebodies watch. It feels terrible when it happens, so I never place blame on another. My husband on the other hand does not handle things so gracefully, and if he says anything I shut him down immediately. I’m sure it was very scary for you; you deserve to be comforted.

  • Fodder
    May 19

    Kids need to test boundaries and take risks, it helps them in adulthood. It isn’t always a clean process and sometimes results in injury. I’m sure you child is smarter for it and won’t do that again. Don’t be so hard on yourself