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Feeling obligated to spend time with in laws


SO works a ton, and otherwise sadly doesn’t appreciate quality family time, he is always either working or really tired. I stay at home with the kids but work part time remotely, and his parents always reach out to me reminding me how they are retired and can help babysit or will say you should go do this so we can come over and watch the kids. For one, when they come over they stay for hours since they live 45 mins away. I either have to cook for them, or they let the kids destroy the house which makes my life even harder. 2- SO and I have not been getting along very well the past few months, partly due to him working so much and acting like we are invisible, so having his parents around is not exactly what I want to do. Not that it’s their fault he is the way he is, but just being around them when he’s not there kind of annoys me, like I have to be responsible for everything bc he just thinks he can do what he want. And it makes me want to complain to them about how he is lacking as a father, which I know they don’t want to hear. I’m just overall frustrated and feeling lonely, but I don’t think having them over more is the answer.