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Ferber method for naps?


I am considering trying the Ferber method on my 8 month old. For those that have had success do you apply the method during nap time as well? Let’s say I put her down for her first nap 2/3 hours after she wakes up from night sleep, how long go I give her using the method if she doesn’t fall asleep? I would eventually like her to take 1/1.5 hr for her first nap and then 1.5/2.5 hr for her second nap. I want to cut out her third nap which is usually only a catnap (30-45min). Any and all advice is welcome! Thanks 😁

  • Jenn
    Mar 13

    I used the Ferber method, but my LO was 2.5-3 months old so she had no idea what was going on and didn't fight it. My main advice is if you are going to do it, be consistent for all sleep times (naps and bedtime) because she will catch on faster and it won't take as long. When I did it, I went in after 5 mins, then 10 mins, then 15 mins, and then 20 mins. It never really lasted that long, but again mine was young. After you get to 20 mins, keep waiting 20 mins and go back in until she falls asleep. Also, when my LO wakes from a nap, if it is short or she seems cranky, I wait 5-10 mins to see if she will go back to sleep.

  • Andrea
    Mar 14

    My son was 8 months old when i trained. I only did nights at first (nursed to sleep for naps). Once nights were decent (after about a week) i worked on naps in the same fashion. I strongly recommend getting dr ferbers book “solve your child’s sleep problems”. He answers all your questions and more. Its really inexpensive on amazon. It has a nice chart on timing when you get started. His suggestion is to wait till baby is about 6 months and earlier than 1 year old, so 8 months old is a really good time (according to his book anyways). Some of his suggestions for nights: put baby down later than their normal bedtime the first few nights. This way they cant fight the sleep as much. Also, you do method all night once weaned (any time baby wakes). He goes over how to work on weaning nighttime feedings (don’t go cold turkey if your baby still feeds at night) OR go down to one/two feedings if nursing if you prefer. When you do work on naps, you only do it for a half hour of crying max. If they don’t take that nap you just get them up and wait till next nap time (he adds more detail in the book). Not trying to give you too much... these are just the things i learned when i worked on my sons sleep. Hope you get the rest you both need soon! Good luck!

  • J
    Mar 14

    Thanks for all the suggestions. She’s never really been a bad sleeper (usually only up once for about 20-30 mins just for change and feed). Lately she’s been getting up an hour after bedtime and it’ll take 1.5hrs to put her back to sleep. Also during naps she’s been wanting to be held or will only take 30min nap. We’re on night 2. Yesterday was a success! Bedtime she fussed about 30mins after going down and only went in once and same with her normal 2am wake. She did wake at 6am which took 2 times of going in for her to fall back asleep. I also did it for her nap(s). I’ve decided it’s time to readjust her nap times and to reduce to only 2 naps. First nap (1hr) she ended up taking in the car which was fine and the second nap (2.25hr) she went right down in her crib and didn’t wake! Thanks again for the ideas ladies!! I hope this works and that I just didn’t get lucky 😝

  • Vonda
    Mar 19

    We do the method for nighttime. But not naps. I nap with him. If you’re going to do it. Be consistent and make sure you and your SO, partner in crime are on the same page before you start. It’ll help a lot in the long run.