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Ferber method questions

I am doing ferber on my 10 week old (yes, I know shes young, but this is our method). Nights are going fantastic. She has recently gotten past colic. The problem is naps are terrible. At this point, she has cried through every single nap. She is beyond over tired and as much as I feel this will work in time, this level of distress during the day seems a bit much. We are on day 3 night 2 and haven been very consistent. Again, no issues at night that are outside of what we were preparing for. Any advice on how to move forward with naps? Can I start ferber only for nights and when she masters the skill work on naps? I don't want to confuse her or undo anything from our night progress.

  • Jenn
    Jul 02

    First off,she is not too young. That is the age I did it with my LO because she wasn't eating when she woke up anymore. Naps definitely took a bit longer,as it is harder for them to connect sleep cycles during the day. What is her sleep schedule at the moment? That would help me give better advice.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 02

    Sounds like she’s too young for naps at least. If not push it

  • Caitlin
    Jul 04

    My husband and I found things that would help soothe our little one when we started sleep training. Putting one of your T-shirt’s in the crib/bassinet with him so he would smell us and think we were there. We use a mobile/sound machine as well. We got ours at Target and it works great. He loves the ocean sounds and little lullaby music. So he associates those sounds with sleep. I also highly recommend the Johnsons lavender night time lotion as well. Hope some of these tricks help!