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My son is 10 months and today he have been fussy and sleepy. His temperature is 99.4 and I’m not sure if it is fever since he’s feeling warm/hot. He did eat breakfast but refusing to eat or drink during lunch. Helpppp!

  • Anonymous
    Jun 04

    That's not really a fever, don't stress yet and just keep offering bottle or water. And keep an eye on wet diapers. I feed mine milk or water out of an open cup if he refuses his bottle

  • PK
    Jun 04

    Could it be teething? That can raise body temp (but not to a point of a fever) and can affect appetite.

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jun 05

    Sounds like teething. Try some tylenol or ibuprofen. Keep offering soft foods and give him those freezer teething rings.. that's what worked for me!