Reply to Do you follow the required oz for each baby’s age?

Thank you everybody for all your wonderful suggestions/advice. To be honest, the first two months when we are the regular formula I was just sleeping an hour or 2 a day, pumping as much coz I know he doesn’t like the formula. But I really can’t keep up, the lactation consultants keep insisting to try and try but my baby really doesn’t want the regular formula or the breastmilk. It’s only after we had the tests from the hospital that we knew about the milk allergy and that we have to get a specialized formula. His pedia felt bad too when they knew we were at the hospital already coz they saw the signs they thought it was just a regular diarrhea that would stop after a few days and they still asked us to go back home and wait it out. But the night after our visit, he vomited a lot and passed out for a couple of seconds.. that’s the reason we were admitted. I was so scared I had to call the ambulance. He showed signs of life and didn’t turn blue but doctors did series of tests already. And they saw he wasn’t really eating.. so now, everytime he doesn’t eat that much I get worried😞 we have a we’ll visit come 1st week of January, I’ll definitely ask about this to his pedia.. hopefully, it’s just a regular phase or maybe who knows teething. 🤷🏻‍♀️