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Fiance wants to break up, we have a 2 year old


I feel like a failure of a mother as now I’ll have two different children with two different dads. My first marriage ended amicably and I get along great with my ex and we co parent very well. I’ve been with my current fiancé almost 4 years and he never wants to spend time with us, all he does is work and lay around the house. We’ve gone to therapy, I’ve begged him to spend more time with his child, and he just gets angry at me and now wants to split up. I’m scared to death to have to move and take care of two children alone and have two different dads come to my place to pick up kids. I feel like my life is a joke and the only thing I have are my children and I need to do what’s best for them, but I work for a non profit and don’t make much money so I’m not even sure how I’ll be approved for a rental or mortgage. Very scared and wish life were different.

  • Anonymous
    May 26

    Get a lawyer. Both dads should be paying child support