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Finished breastfeeding

My son is 17 months old and he is breastfeeding once in the morning and once at night but my milk is starting to taper off at night. When the milk officially goes away, do I give him some milk before bed or just no drinks before bed at that point? We do dinner at 5-5:30, then bath, then bed by 6:15 so I liked that he was getting a little milk in right before sleeping. Would love to hear what some of you did when this happened for you. Thanks!

  • Anonymous
    Nov 20, 2018

    In my personal opinion I’d take it as an opportunity to cut that last feeding, you’ll want to make sure he’s brushing his teeth last now rather than eating last for good habits! Maybe he can have a sippy with water while reading his books or whatever the routine may be.

  • Emily
    Nov 20, 2018

    Good point. I didn’t think about that. Thanks!

  • Jessica
    Nov 20, 2018

    We give our son a sippy cup after dinner, bath and lotion. This way he gets “filled up”, and it is a comfort to him. Then it is teeth brushed and book then bed time. If milk is a comfort for your little guy, you can still have that special time where he sits with you and drinks it out of a cup and you read a book or give cuddles ❤️

  • Megan
    Nov 21, 2018

    We do milk for meals and water the rest of the day for our 19 mo old. Works for us.