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First baby, third trimester, hormones, and a four year old

I want to start this off by saying my hormones are raging so please watch how you word things or I will cry from your responses. This is my first baby. He's due July 30 (any day now he could be coming). I currently live with and care for my boyfriend's child whom I'd taken on as my own. He calls me Mom, my boyfriend and I share responsibilities together, and sometimes it feels like I'm more of an influencer on his son than my boyfriend is. Long story short with my boyfriend's child (whom I refer to as my son) getting to the very prime time age of four he is testing boundaries like no other. My mood swings are awful, to the point that by the time my boyfriend gets home I don't even say a word to either of them; I just get up and shut myself in our bedroom so my son can't get to me anymore. Not only that but it almost feels like he does this to ME on purpose (like throwing out my personal belongings multiple times, but never once touching his father's things). I lose my temper with him more often than not despite my endless heart-to-heart talks with my son and asking him like a normal person to stop the behavior and why he needs to stop. I miss my son... I can't tell if he's actually this naughty (since he used to be an angel) or if I'm just over reacting because of the pregnancy? Any advice on rebellious toddlers while going through the hardest stage of pregnancy? (At least in this pregnancy, I should say).

  • Anonymous
    Jun 24, 2019

    Don't worry about it. It might be due to your hormones and also I think kids of this age like troubling to parents ;) But it's always fun coz this time is not coming back, so try to embrace (I know it's easy to say than acting on it). I have a 4 year old. She does this type pf behavior many times. If she behaves mean with only dad but not with mom (99.99% she never behaves mean with mom :) ) , then we try to explain why it is unkind to behave mean. I noticed if we reduce watching stuff on electronic devices, her behavior becomes relatively normal. Due to TV and phone, she becomes cranky. So we unplug TV cable and tell her TV is broken or imaginary story. Does your son go to daycare? If that's possible, then sending him to daycare or at grand parents for some time might give you some 'me'time. once in a while going to the park with him, doing craft and art activity with him will help bring back the bonding again. Just my 2 cents. Enjoy and good luck.

  • Hannah
    Jun 24, 2019

    Thank you! I’ll definitely exercise that advice! Very much appreciated!

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Jun 24, 2019

    Keep him busy and on a tight schedule so he doesnt have time to be naughty. Itll pass, Good luck momma!