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First overnight


We will soon be going out of town for a wedding and my MIL will be staying at our house. My 18 month old usually sleeps through the night but maybe once or twice a week he will wake up. When he wakes in the night, I take him into my room and nurse him and change his diaper then put him back to sleep in his room. Obviously my MIL can’t nurse him, so my dilemma is what should I instruct her to do if he should wake up? This is our first time away since he was born and I’m a bit nervous! Thanks all!

  • Amy
    Jun 03

    My son is 20 months old now and he hasn't been without me either. However I find that he's more independent than I thought. This past Easter, we stayed with my in-laws. Every night of that weekend my MIL would put him to bed without fail while I showered. Usually breastfeeding is a part of the sleep routine, but he didn't seem to miss it. I'm sure your MIL can follow a similar routine. Instead of breastfeeding, she can provide a bottle or sippy cup (pumped breastmilk, regular milk, water, etc). Afterwards she continues the rest of trying to get him to sleep. I'm sure things will go well. Enjoy some good fun! :)

  • Kendall
    Jun 04

    Defintely! More info is better than no info :) id just say he doesn’t wake up often but IF he does go ahead and give him a bottle and change him and lay him back down and he’ll be fine. I’d rather have a heads up than be like uh oh what do I do? If I was her