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First plane ride


I will be flying with just my 1yo. It will be his first time on a plane. It's a 7hr flight and he will be on my lap. Any ideas that will help make the flight a little easier?

  • Mia
    Mar 29

    I have done this several times. It won’t be easy. When I flew a 10 hour flight with my little one I tried to make an hour by hour plan. First hour walk around a bit, next hour book/iPad, next hour food, next 2 hours nap etc etc. If it’s a night flight even better. Wind them down and get them comfortable to sleep. Get a bulkhead seat and they will give you a Bassinet so they can sleep comfortably. Or and if you have a baby wearer that helps you navigate the airport much better and be hands free! Try to accept that you won’t get any sleep or be able to eat much on the plane. That’s the downside of having baby on the lap..... just try not to get anxious just focus on the little one ! I did it on my own twice. It’s tough but you can do it 👍

  • Laura
    Mar 29

    Ask at the gate if there's any way to have an empty seat in your row. Don't ask "are there any empty seats on this flight" because they just automatically say no. Definitely bring a baby carrier so you can have your hands free. Our daughter watched March of the Penguins twice on cross country flights around that age. It happened to be an option on the plane TV's, but in the future I'm going to make sure we have something like that downloaded on our own devices.

  • Fred
    Mar 29

    My advice is bring plenty of snacks, play with him a lot beforehand so he’s tired and passes out for a nice long nap, bring different toys and as a secret weapon download a favorite show/movie on your phone. If none of the other things work, pull that out.

  • Ivy
    Mar 30

    I like sitting at the back of the plane as I noticed other moms tend to sit back there too. Pack variety of small toys, easy snacks, treats like lollipops (sugar free if you don’t want to give them sugar), fully charged tablet or phone with different downloaded options for entertainment. Don’t forget to packet enough wipes (avoid the travel size pouch with 10 wipes only). What I try to do, is arrive early to my flight, and walk around the terminal with baby until he falls asleep right before boarding, so hopefully he stays asleep during most of the flight. I’ve heard of parents giving Benadryl to their kids or children’s melatonin.

  • Kristen
    Apr 01

    I flew with my one year old every week for about 8 months. Ergo baby SAVED me. Bring along any snacks they like. Lots of them. And honestly, baby melatonin will help with a longer flight like that. I would also ask them at the gate if there is any way u can switch seats where there may be an empty one next to u for baby. Mine did not like watching TV at all, but that would be an option, an iPad to help keep occupied. Make sure u have extra pacifiers if you use them. My kid threw them, lost them... we would go through 2-4 every plane ride. A blanket or lovey or whatever you use for comfort. Also, if u are breastfeeding or bottle feeding at all still, feed on take off and landing to prevent ear popping

  • Elizebeth
    Apr 02

    I took colored pipe cleaners. Made a game where my child had to put them threw a matching hole in a bottle. She loved it. Played with it for a long time. We also made shapes, identified them by color, and counted them. Take triangle crayons and a coloring book. Movie as a last resort. Teach your child to pop his/her ears beforehand.