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First time leaving son in daycare

Hi guys My son is 15months and now i am going to work leaving him in daycare ..I am worried that he is always around my legs wherever i go..never left my sight and always wanting me near him..But he loves to grab attention from strangers n says hi n gives hi5 and socialize so well...And people tell he is a very baby always with concern is will he manage being in daycare without me the whole can he take up this sudden change ?won't it confuse him and make him sad?should i start of with just half day in day care and then full time ?plzzz i need some help

  • Laura
    Aug 08

    If you have the time, starting in gradually (shorter days) and staying there with him for some time are both good ways to transition. Also, don't get discouraged when he cries when you leave. Most kids stop crying within minutes and are fine afterwards.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 08

    I’d defintely start with a couple half days, maybe a few mornings and then a few afternoons so he can see the routine for each. Maybe come for lunch the first couple of full days. It will defintely be an adjustment but he’s at the besssssst age (in my opinion) for day care! Sooooo much play play play, he’ll have a blast 😁 try not to worry, he may do better than you think!

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 09

    It will be okay!!! My daughter has been in daycare since 12 weeks of age and even so, she is still just like your son with me at home. She’s either wrapped around my legs, in my arms, or up on the counter “helping” me cook at least 80% of the time. Even so, she has thrived at daycare. She loves it. The age you’re starting your LO at is about as perfect as you can get, in my opinion. It was so hard leaving my daughter as an infant at daycare. I felt like she was just laying around all day and not getting quality 1x1 time with her caregivers even though I could check in and see pics of her doing things on the app. But as soon as she transitioned into the older baby room and then to the toddler room things got so much better. They have fun activities that I’d never think to do with her and she started to really get excited to go to school. Now she’s almost 2 and we truly couldn’t be more pleased. I disagree with the earlier commenters on starting slow. But that’s just me. Do what you think and know is best for both of you. For us, my daughter really appreciates her routine. It’s not rigid, but in general I drop her off and pick her up at the same time every day. She goes through waves where she gets clingy and cries when I leave. It’s tough. But every day I hug her, kiss her, then give her the same message: “goodbye honey. I will pick you up after your second snack. I love you very much.” Then I hand her to a teacher (if she’s doing a crying thing) or I help her get settled into her seat to eat breakfast (if she’s in an independent mood) and I turn around and leave. I will admit that I often stand around the corner of her classroom to listen and make sure she stops crying. Or I will call or email the center ~10 minutes later and ask to make sure, but I always give her the same message and the same action because for her the mixed messages are more upsetting than anything else. So for us, mixing up and gradually building up to a full day wouldn’t work. She’d get perturbed every time I lengthened the time away and she’d have to go through multiple adjustments. Having said that, you know your baby best. Good luck, whatever you decide your LO will do great!!!