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First time mom looking for travel tips

Hi, I am first time mom and a have limited knowledge related to car seats. My LO is 10 months old. We have uppa baby Cruz stroller for her and MESA car seat. We are planning to travel next week from Miami to Houston. In July month we are planning to travel to Denmark to celebrate her first birthday. Also by this year end we are planning to travel to India to visit our family. Does the current travel system we have, will be okay to Travel? If no, then what would be the best stroller for us which the airlines also allows and is comfortable for us to use while traveling to different places. Is the stroller considered as one cabin baggage? Anything else I should consider while traveling. Thank you!!

  • Momof2
    May 29, 2019

    I don’t know anything about your current stroller but we use the mountain buggy nano stroller when we travel because it fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane😊 The video shows the wheels being removed to put it in the travel bag but we never removed our wheels we left it all intact. It can fit any car seat you have which is nice.Although it’s not as easy as some of those click and go strollers, the thing I really like about it is as our kids grew out of their car seats it has an actual child seat for them to sit on. So on one trip we could use it with both our baby when she was in the car seat and our toddler. Here is a video about the stroller: Strollers and car seats do not count as a checked items (at least on Southwest and Alaska airlines which are the only ones we’ve used since our kids have been born). Even if you are not paying for a seat for your baby leave her in her car seat until you board the plane. Sometimes if the flight is not full they will let you put the car seat in an empty seat next to you (Nice to have for baby to nap or just to sit her down and for a few minutes if you need a free hand). And leave the car seat attached to whatever stroller you are bringing with you. You can also check that at the gate but it is easier to have it to push The baby in her car seat and you can use it to store things. Make sure you have documentation of your baby’s birthdate. Some airlines will accept things like a medical card but I would contact the specific airline you are flying with. I also had to call the airlines (they don’t have a way to do it online) to let them know I was planning on having a lap child (if you’re not buying a seat for the baby). Remember to get to the airport extra early!! You will have so much stuff to bring for this little human it’s unbelievable 😂and it takes a lot of time to check all the items, go through security and tend to the baby in the process. Good luck!