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Food poisoning


How long would you wait to nurse again if you’ve had food poisoning?

  • PK
    Feb 18

    I think you can still nurse.. I called the my drs nurse line and they told me that I could. I was an exclusive pumper though. Not sure if your question is in regards to your concern of being contagious and super close to LO. Double check and call your nurse for advice.

  • Sara
    Feb 18

    You can still nurse. Just make sure you stay hydrated!

  • Mama
    Feb 22

    You can definitely still nurse. I would just keep watch on anything different in baby. I still nursed with food poisoning but from what I observed, my babe was definitely affected. Her poop turned green and she herself was more irritable. But it passed.

  • Kristen
    Mar 16

    Most food poisoning is due to a preformed toxin from a bacteria (rather than from a bacterial infection) that irritates the GI tract of the person who consumed it but is not contagious. If your stool is not bloody, it should be fine to keep nursing. Make sure you wash your hands really well, though, in case it is a GI bug and not food poisoning. If your stool is bloody, go see a doctor.

  • MDM
    Apr 12

    I’ve gone through that... you can still nurse, as long as you are up to it. Just drink lots of water!