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Food reward for potty training


Hi! Besides Candy..what other food treats do you give your child when potty training? One suggestion was M&Ms ..1 M&M for pee and 2 for poop but I dont want to give my child candy unless necessary.

  • Christine
    Jul 19

    If you’re set on food rewards, what are some foods that your child likes? Other types of candy or goldfish crackers are good. Stickers would work just as well if you don’t want to give junk food. I’m in the middle of potty training my daughter now and we just give lots of praise and make a super big deal every time she uses her potty.

  • Jenn
    Jul 19

    I did not do food rewards at all, only praise. Worked very well for us :). Wound up inventing a dance and song and she loves it haha

  • Anonymous
    Jul 19

    Stickers or Points on a chart towards a big prize

  • Katie
    Jul 19

    We didn't do rewards other than praise too, and it worked really well... the methodology in the "Oh Crap" book is really shockingly effective if you want to avoid candy.

  • PK
    Jul 19

    Before doing food treats... see if your child enjoys flushing the toilet. With poop and toilet paper in the mix, it seems to be more enjoyable to watch it all swirl down for my son. Don’t let them flush your pee or poop down though! They only get to flush what comes out of them. If you’re using a small potty, same deal. Let them dump it out in the big toilet and let them flush it.

  • Jenny
    Jul 20

    We discovered the “potty song” on YouTube and my son was in love. “It’s potty time, pee pee pee pee it’s potty time! Can you feel it can you feel it? Yea yea!” 😂 it’s ridiculous, but a total hit with both my kids. I dance crazily and they pee. It works for us 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Stephanie
    Jul 21

    We would just get super excited and jump up and down. Make it fun

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 22

    We haven’t had to do rewards for potty training yet but I’m not one to rule them out if necessary. I saw something on here in the past where the parents did sticker based rewards on a chart. The chart had several rows and columns. The rows said things like, “I went potty on the big kid chair, I went poopy on the big kid chair, I went to the bathroom and pulled my underwear down all by myself, and oops! I had an accident, but that’s okay! I learned how to clean myself up and get dry pants on!” And then about 5 columns. Every time the child achieved one of the actions, they got a sticker in a box next to their row. Once all of the boxes were full (not including the accident row) they would go to the dollar store and let them pick out their own gift. Even if the accident row was also filled they’d still get a gift. It’s just a way of positively acknowledging an accident.

  • Teresa
    Jul 31

    We are currently doing M&M and a sticker chart for a bigger reward (bike).