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So I have a 6 month old boy he currently eats gerbers and soft cookies as well as baby cereals but I was wondering if anyone else had some quick recipes that they have tried ?

  • Suzy
    Jun 04

    At this age your main goal is to identify food allergies. Stick to simple meals. Only an ingredient or two so if your boy has a reaction you can know what caused it. Mash up everything you eat and offer it before you use too many condiments. Bananas and mashed potatoes are great starters.

  • MB
    Jun 04

    What Suzy said, stick with simple foods. You don’t need to worry about creating meals till closer to 9/10 months. Make sure you figure out all their allergies; nuts (peanut butter/almond butter...), shellfish, meats, eggs, dairy, etc...

  • Elle
    Jun 05

    Avocados Scrambled eggs - you can add cheese and shredded tomato, etc. Bananas Sweet potatoes Mashed black, pinto, kidney beans or chickpea Veggies like carrots cooked til theyre soft Etc. You can skip the cookies and cereals, theyre just carbs and often too much sugar. No need to pre-sweeten baby's palette/make vegetables harder to like.

  • B
    Jun 05

    I loved mashing a very ripe banana and mixing with an egg and cooking like a small pancake