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Foods or treatment for stomach virus in toddler?


Took my 1 year old to the children's ER for unexplained vomiting and diarrhea. The doctor's diagnosis is stomach virus and said nothing can be done except letting it run its course for the next 5 days. Absolutely nothing? Not even to quell the nausea, speed it along, or minimize the diarrhea? Did I just get a disinterested doctor or is chronic misery, vomiting, and watery crap all over the house just going to be the issue for every waking moment of this week? For anyone else who’s had to deal with a toddler’s stomach virus, what did you do?

  • PK
    Oct 05

    Pretty much... you can do whatever you would do for yourself if you had a stomach virus. Try to replenish lost fluids. Gatorade, vitamin water, pedialyte, popsicles, crackers... just take everything slow. Some times too much at once can make you vomit. Fluids are the most important.. more so than food. Be sure to wash hands and do your best with decontamination. It is contagious. Here’s a link to some things you can offer. When my son had this, it was a rough week. We were only able to get him to drink about 9 oz of fluid a day and a few crackers here and there. I think what saved us was watermelon. With a stomach virus, I believe the diarrhea and vomiting actually help get it out of the body.

  • Juli
    Oct 06

    We just went thru that. Dr is right... nothing you can do except loads and loads of laundry. Try little sips of fluid at a time to minimize throwing it up.

  • antigrav_kids
    Oct 07

    Keep 'em hydrated and hang in.

  • JEaton
    Oct 07

    My toddler is dealing with a virus as I write this (we're on day 4). There really isn't much you can do except keep your little one hydrated, eating bland foods a little bit at a time, and weathering the storm. *coming from the wife of a physician*

  • Sammie
    Oct 08

    Doctor is pretty much right. Though sometimes they prescribe zofran or something else for the nausea. They did that once for my son when he was a baby and ended up with a stomach bug. Though they gave me disolvable pills to cut in half for him, which was a pain because I also had to make sure he kept it in his mouth.