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Forward-facing back to rear-facing car seat...


At my child’s 3 year checkup, our pediatrician said the suggestion has changed...that children should be rear facing in their car seat until age 4. Anyone have experience switching their kid back to rear facing position? My child will NOT be happy about not being able to see out the front windows after riding forward facing for over a year (?).

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Mar 28

    Unfortunately I didn’t have to switch back but maybe hang the mirror up again (like when he was an infant) so that you can see each other while driving. Kids are generally happier when there isn’t a communication barrier. Also, it could be helpful when you’re making the switch to get him a new book or scribble pad etc. to use while he is in his seat. Good luck!

  • Ivy
    Mar 28

    It’s recommended by weight and height, not so much age. And it’s also not enforced legally (though the legal age has changed to 2 years in most states). I do believe in extended rear facing as long as possible, but I would say it’s not worth the fight at age 3, if he won’t have it. My second is 2 and I wanted to have him rear facing much longer like his older brother was, but his older brother is no longer rear facing and so the little dude decided to start kicking against the seat and he would lift his car seat (even though it was securely tethered on the latch system). The car seat wouldn’t come loose, but it would shift to the point where the little bubble indicator was no longer level. So last week, he went forward.

  • Lily
    Apr 11

    Yeah, it's not age. It's hight and weight. Unless your little one is really little still, I am sure you are fine staying forward facing. But definitely go with what you feel is right for you.