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Getting 1 year old to eat table food

My son just turned 1 and I have been giving him some table food, but he just plays with it and rejects it. He eats oatmeal and yogurt just fine. Any advice or suggestions would be great! Thanks.

  • Lucy Kent
    Jan 11

    If this is his first go round with table food, this is totally normal. Just keep offering at normal meal times and you eat at the same time too so he can watch and learn what he's supposed to do. He's getting used to new flavors and textures. There will definitely be food waste, but I would usually eat whatever was left haha! Good luck!

  • Heather
    Jan 11

    Just keep trying! Try giving foods that are easier to hold with his hands and fun textures. Stick shape is the easiest to help and get use to textures. My daughter's first favorites were tofu cut in strips and baked avocados fries (breaded avocado slices baked to give a little crispiness) its makes avocados easier told hold. Pinterest is amazing for the beginning eaters recipes. (If you have time of course I know life can get hectic) but dont stress over it.