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Getting 4 Y/O ready to start Pre K


I wanted my son to attend daycare when he was younger so he can adjust to playing around kids but my family disagreed because they felt he wouldnt be taken care of properly & they also felt i couldnt afford it so i didnt. now he's going on 4 & my family feels he's having speech delay (& possibly autism) because I waited so long. Parents , any tips on what I can do to prepare him? Or affordability? Just on anything honestly.

  • Jennifer
    Jan 07

    My first advice would be stop allowing your family to control your life. It’s not there business if you put your kid in daycare or if you can afford it. Also not there business to tell you that your son has autism. If you are concerned go see a doctor. As far as being preschool ready my daughter was home with me, never really around other kids and we put her in prek it took a week but she has adjusted just fine and loves it

  • Joanna
    Jan 07

    If you (not your family) are concerned with your child's development, see a professional. Every child is different and grandparents are quick to compare kids to each other. A child does not have autism because he never socialized in daycare. Preschool is probably free at your local public school district if your child is delayed and has an IEP. To prepare at home, have a routine and make a visual chart of it. Transition from activity to activity. As much as possible, try social activities like story time at the library (our local Barnes and Noble has a free one) or even a parks and rec class like soccer. There are lots of homeschool tips on Pinterest too. comes down to per hour costs and availability. Obviously, fewer days or hours will be cheaper. The most affordable near me is our community center that has Pre-K classes and can do just one day a week or up to 5 days for 3 hours per day but the wait list is long. Call around now for fall admissions. I have to sign up Feb 1 for fall semester for my toddler.

  • Elle
    Jan 07

    If you think your kid has a disorder or developmental delay, seek professional help as soon as possible. Your child depends on you to take the best care of him as possible. Your child also relies on you to make the best decisions in regards to his care and development, not to do whatever your family tells yoi to do. We have the internet at our fingertips! Parenting resources have never been THIS available or discoverable before. On any topic, research, research, research - inform yourself and then make the best decision.

  • Carolina
    Jan 08

    It’s so difficult to know what the right thing to do is, specially because we will never know, until afterwards. My almost 3yo also had speech delay, but is know up to what he should be, the problem now is his social/emotional skills. I have been reading a lot a lot about issues and stuff. One thing I can’t tell you! Autism would not be caused by the lack of school or interaction with other kids, autism is a brain that works differently that the rest of us. Also there are lots of different levels, and if you suspect so, you NEED to see a professional for your child. May I ask why you think he is autistic? Where do you live? There should be a country or state program that can help you find answers to your child’s needs