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Getting baby to take bottle

My daughter is 4 months and has been exclusively breastfed. We are having trouble with getting her to take a bottle now that I'm back at work - she basically plays with the nipple with her tongue or else puts up her hands to push the bottle away. So the past few days she's essentially fasted for 9 or 10 hours until I'm home again. Our first child had no problems nursing or using a pacifier as well as bottle feeding, so we are at a loss. We've tried Medela and also Nanobebe. Attempted feedings when she's hungry and when not. Spoon feeding has garnered mixed and messy results. Any tips or advice greatly appreciated!

  • AVG
    Apr 06

    My daughter is also breastfed now 8mo and after 3months of age she didn’t take the bottle anymore. We did have luck with the NUK simply natural bottle because it’s shaped like a nipple. Make sure to get the slow nipple since she is young. Also on days she just didn’t want my mother used a syringe like the one from baby Tylenol comes with. Got a bit out of that. Eventually she will eat when hunger but my lo tasted too when I first went back to work... Good luck mama!

  • Kaitlyn
    Apr 06

    My son, now almost 8 months, disliked the bottle as well and he is also primarily breast fed. We use the mam bottles and it’s the only nipple he likes aside from my own. When babies are as young as yours, spoon feeding will be messy but that doesn’t mean you should give up. They WILL get the hang of it. Mine did. Keep trying and don’t give up! You’re doing fine. (:

  • Amy
    Apr 06

    We couldn't get my daughter to take any bottle except from me (not the point!!! Lol) until about 4.5 months when it became no big deal, so don't give up! We finally increased the flow rate because I have strong let down, and found the avent natural bottles and Comotomo bottles to work. Which was good because at 5.5 months I went back to work part time. Now she's 7 months and half the time takes them fine and half the time, she just sips from the bottle while at the babysitters and waits 6 hrs until I'm home again to chow down.

  • Ashley
    Apr 11

    Use a bottle that feels more like a breast. Tommee tippe is amazing! Also you try to feed her a bottle while you’re home so she can see that it’s normal.

  • Anne
    Apr 16

    I still have this same issue with my 8 month old. Our pediatrician said to have someone else give her the bottle, and for me to be out of the room (don’t even let the baby know I’m around). When the baby sees you/knows you’re there, she will associate you with feeding and most likely refuse the bottle.