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Getting hit in gymnastics

I just put my 2 year old son in gymnastics two weeks ago. They have toys they can play with before/after their class. An other boy was playing with a truck and my son walked up next to him and the boy slapped him in the face. His mother said sorry, he has trouble sharing. Okay fine, it happens but this week my son was playing with a train and the little boy walked up to him and hit him in the face again cause he wanted the train. His mother told him no and he ran away crying. What should I do? My son started slapping me in face when he doesn't like something I do/say. I can teach my son not to hit but what should I do about his class. I dont want him to get slapped every time. Should I say something to the staff?

  • T
    Jan 15

    If you as a parent won’t discipline your child, then when it involves you harming mine then sorry not really sorry, ILL TAKE THE LEAD. I’d of given that child a stern talking to eye to eye

  • Sharon
    Jan 15

    Maybe you should get the gymnastics place involve. Have them talk to the parent.

  • Evie
    Jan 15

    Yesss! Say something to the staff. If this mom can’t get her child in line, then things need to be said. My child used to be the kid who would hit and not share. I then became the helicopter mom that sat with him in play groups actively correcting his negative interactions when playing with others. If this happened twice, it’ll happen a third time. If the mom won’t make steps to help her son and protect others from his jealous strikes , then you need to take steps to making sure your kid is protected by talking to the staff and making sure you’re involved next time the smack happens. Kids will be kids. Hit my kid once, oopsy. Hit my kid twice? Nope, that’s a behavioral pattern that needs dealt with.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 15

    Clearly the mom is trying to handle it, but isn’t handling it right. The child (which is normal for this age) is nervous about sharing and is expressing through actions and not words. I think you should either do 1 of two things: 1) talk to your child about avoiding the child, and the staff about keeping them separate and you work to keep them Separate during class if you can. Or 2 (what I would do) is try to catch the situation before the mom does and talk to both kids “son, your friend doesn’t want to play right now. (Kids name), it doesn’t seem like you want to play with my son. Can you use your words next time? You can say “space please” to my son and he will give you space. It hurts his body when you hit him. I know you don’t want to hurt my son.” I know we all freak out about hitting, but it’s a really normal reaction when we don’t understand our emotional or lack the verbal skills to express them. Having a few of this discussions in front of the kids and the other mom Will help everyone get better at navigating them. Just please don’t get mad at the kid. He’s not trying to be a jerk.