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Getting rid of the pacifier

What age did you get rid of the pacifier completely? My 18 month old only uses hers for naptime and bedtime, but I can’t imagine her falling asleep without it. I’ve heard if you get rid of it before two it’s much easier. What has your experience been? Did you do it cold turkey or just slowly wean off?

  • Momof1
    Apr 21

    We decided cold turkey but we did it in two phases. It was recommended to us by our sleep consultant to first remove it at bedtime then when he was falling asleep easily for bed time to do nap time. It took about a week for him to get used to each scenario and a bunch of crying but then we were done with them! I highly recommend you try :) good luck!

  • Alexis
    Apr 24

    Yep, same as what PP said! We just weaned our 14 month old off of it in the last couple weeks! Yesterday was actually his first full day completely paci free

  • Jess
    Apr 25

    We just got rid of our 18-month old’s pacifier. For a long time, he only had it in his crib/changing table. Last week, I gave him 2 reminders that today would be the last day. The next morning, he got to take it out of his room, and we had a talk about how it wasn’t good for his teeth and that it was time to get rid of it. Then, I had him throw it away himself. He looked for it at bedtime, but fell asleep just fine after about 5 minutes. Hasn’t asked for it since.

  • Anonymous
    May 02

    Mine was on his 3rd birthday (he only used it for sleep). Because he was older we talked about how when he turns 3, he’ll be big and won’t need a paci and that we’d have to throw it away. It was weeks of prep and discussion but on the night of his 3rd bday he said goodbye and threw it away before bedtime