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Getting toddler to drink more water

My 2.5 year old sips water between meals only when I insist. At daycare he simply doesn’t - even when they remind kids every hour. Sometimes his water bottle comes home full. With increasing temperatures I am worried about him not drinking enough water. Any suggestions please?

  • Joanna
    May 15

    I believe that they'll drink when they're thirsty. But my kids seem to drink more when it's ice cold. My only other suggestion is to try their water bottle once in a while. I have a few different types and the no-spill ones can be quite hard to suck water out. And plastic ones can taste funky by the end of the day.

  • Priscilla
    May 16

    My little tip would be to make water drinking “fun”. I noticed my son actually drinks way more while he’s at preschool than on the weekend at home, probably from being more active but he’s also told me stories on how he competed with his buddies to see who drinks more/faster, lol. So when I want him to drink, I’ll tell him to compete with his brother or myself... it works! 😂 Another thing is make sure your son “likes” his bottle. We have two and my son recently began to have a preference so we always go with the one he wants. Try making water drinking a game. Like previous poster also mentioned, adding some ice or cold water from the fridge tends to work better than room temperature.