Getting underpaid by your employer: How to go about a money conversation.

I’m a Nanny for a wonderful family. I usually never keep track of my hours because I have a lot on my plate and my Nanny family is usually keeping track. I recently started tracking my hours as to better budget myself before my paycheck arrives. Today I received my paycheck to find several hours worth of pay missing, I went back to my written hours and recounted them and the math was correct, so I reflected a little on my time with them, and took out minutes that I feel may have been me over stepping, where Mom and I were home at the same time but she had yet to dismiss me for the day. I took out those hours and still found a few hours of work missing from my pay. How do you go about having that conversation respectfully, or do you even go about it at all? I wish there was a better way to track hours so it didn’t fall so much on their shoulders. -From A Trying To Be Respectful Nanny.

  • Jessica
    Nov 15, 2019

    Depending on long you have been working for can ask casually or if you want to be more formal but are can always write them an email. :) You should always get paid for the hours you work, or agreed to work.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 15, 2019

    I think the time you are there is what she is paying you for regardless if she is home or not, you are physically taking time from your day to be there so you should be compensated. Maybe you can use the holidays as a good way to bring it up, "Hey I was trying to budget to prepare for the holidays and I had some questions about my pay recently. Do you have time to go over it? " and just bring your log and compare it against her log. and then that will open up the convo for clarification and next steps/solutions. Also, you should try your best to track your hours so there is accountability for the family.

  • Ivana
    Nov 15, 2019

    Definitely bring it up to them, and I agree that if you are there you should be getting paid even if parents are there. It’s good that you are tracking, and continue to do so. Most likely the family just made a mistake and you can say “I’m trying to be better about my hour tracking and budgeting and noticed a few hours missing this last time, can we maybe cross check the total together”? Or something along those lines...I always tell our babysitter to double check in case I made an error. I’m so all over the place these days I really hope she does double check! I’d certainly want to know if I was shortchanging someone, and an awesome babysitter is worth their weight in gold!

  • Aye
    Nov 16, 2019

    I would just start sending them the hours you are there daily or weekly at least and start from there. I was a personal assistant and I would text my boss clocking in clocking out everyday I worked to keep track so we both knew my hours cause he would use to forget hours for me too. Or he would say do this it should only take 3 hours and it would take me more or less sometimes so I took what was fair.

  • Ashley
    Nov 17, 2019

    There’s An app for tracking your hours look it up and you should definitely bring it up... u should get paid for all the hours and if they’re not paying you for your time then they r taking advantage of you best luck to you!

  • carrie isaacson
    Nov 17, 2019

    Or lo-fi also works. Print out a few paper timesheets, start keeping a binder at their house. Fill it in *as you arrive* and *when you leave*, clock in / clock out style. Take a pic at least on Fridays for your records. The suggestion above to send texts also works. Do you have a contract with your employer? Strongly recommended so everyone is on the same page.