Gift advice...

So our son got A LOT of electronic toys from out family for Christmas. We don’t really want him to have very many lights and sounds toys. We aren’t ruling it out completely but we are keeping it down to just a couple at a time. His birthday was in October and we exchanged half of the gifts he got for non electronic toys. At this point I am a little afraid that people might start noticing that the thing they bought isn’t there, assuming that they come visit. (They move in FL) Do you keep everything that people buy for your kids? How do you handle it if they notice the toy isn’t there? Any advice on getting people to buy less things that take batteries?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 02, 2019

    I’ve never returned or exchanged a toy that someone got for our son but I have returned a high chair, wipe warmer, a crib mobile, and infant tub. And they’ve actually all asked about it because they saw me using something different than what they got in pictures I post/send and I was just honest with them... it didn’t work out for us so we exchanged it for something that we would use.. then added that we were so thankful for the thought and that I’m just a weird mom who likes things a certain way. When they got the gift, did they include a gift receipt? If so... then it shouldn’t hurt their feelings too much if they don’t see it around because they did give you that window to return the toy. As for what you can say... you can say something like your son didn’t seem interested and because of that you decided to take him to the store to pick something out that he showed more interest in. Usually when you say that, they kind of get the idea that they should consult the parents before making any purchases in the future. Especially if they don’t live close by.. they’ll start asking what your son is interested in or what he needs/wants because they don’t know firsthand. Hope this somewhat helps!

  • Madison
    Jan 04, 2019

    You can keep them in a box and just pull them out when the guests come over.

  • Trisha
    Jan 04, 2019

    Raising twins I had that problem A LOT in the beginning. My Daddy felt that they should each have the same toy, the same book, even the same bike!! I set him straight early-on, and my Mom agreed. If they get two different toys, they have twice as much to play with. As far as bicycles, one was much more athletic, and would have greatly preferred a regular bike to the training wheels. By the time the boys were 5, they were clamoring for a Nintendo. This made gift-giving SO easy. I encouraged the gaming, as this pushed them to build their reading skills to read the game manuals (both began reading at age 3). If there are too many toys, or a gift you don't approve of for your child---please exchange it YOURSELF. When the boys were older, one of the in-laws, who is notoriously cheap, bought them each a sweatshirt and T-shirt to match. My younger son wanted a bigger size. The shirt had MACYS tags on it, so off we went to the closest store. When we got to the store, my oldest also had his box in hand, to exchange his clothes too. He got in line first, and exchanged his outfit without incident, for a store credit. Then it was his brother's turn. The saleslady grimaced, then was on the phone, her back to us. A gaggle of supervisors came to the register, and eyed us suspiciously as we waited. Finally one of the men approached us, and handed the box back to us. Politely, he explained that the clothes DID NOT come from Macys, and the tag was not legit. I quickly took the box, caught my son around the shoulders, and we rapidly left the register. I as a very loving (and insulted) Mom, matched the amount of his brother's credit in cash, and placed it into the injured child's hand. Off they went to spend their money... The fraudulent outfit was donated to our church. My kids still remember the "aunt" who switched tags on a gift she gave them. Sometimes, we Moms have to take charge.