Gifts under the Christmas tree

How do you handle that? If Santa only delivers the gifts on Christmas Eve, then do you leave the tree bare until then? I have friends and family buying gifts and wondering if I should let them put the gifts under the tree now. And if so, how do we explain that to kids?

  • Anne
    Dec 05, 2018

    In our family Santa brings 1-2 big gifts and fills the stockings on Christmas Eve. The rest of the presents are from family and friends. We don't actually put them out until Christmas Eve anyway because our kids are imps and would open them, but they know that only a few of them are from Santa.

  • Elena
    Dec 05, 2018

    In our house Santa sends 1 or 2 gifts the rest is family a d friends. We wait till the 10th of the month and then start stocking up under the tree as we buy presents we do t put then all tha once

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 05, 2018

    If your kids won’t open them early then put out the ones that aren’t from Santa!! My daughter is too young to understand santa so they’re all from us this year..even still, she’s so obsessed with paper and colors if I put them out now she’d rip into them for sure!!

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05, 2018

    We only get one gift from Santa. So everything else goes under the tree beforehand and night before Christmas one gift is put out from Santa

  • Diana
    Dec 05, 2018

    I put all the gifts from friends and family under the tree early as I think wrapped presents make for beautiful decor. On Christmas Eve we point out the stockings (already hanging by the fireplace) and Santa comes during the night and fills them. When she gets older, Santa might bring one gift that mama wouldn’t otherwise buy.... but I plan to teach my child that part of the magic of Santa is that his spirit spreads to everyone who gives to others and that it’s by Santa’s inspiration that family gives to each other, etc

  • Rebekah
    Dec 05, 2018

    So our family since I was a little kid, and I’m doing this with my kid. We wrap the presents from family (mom, dad, brother, sister, est, ) & Santa presents aren’t wrapped with a note saying from Santa. But as I got a little older they just used different wrapping paper and still said from Santa

  • Brianne
    Dec 05, 2018

    As soon as gifts are wrapped they’re put under the tree. For us Santa is the only one who brings gifts on Christmas Eve which is stocking stuffers and the one or two big gifts they asked for (not wrapped). We said naughty kids open gifts before Christmas, so if a present is opened Santa will bring them coal!

  • Stephanie
    Dec 06, 2018

    I like setting the presents out on Christmas Eve!

  • Jazzbird
    Dec 07, 2018

    We put the gifts out as they're wrapped or as they arrive. Santa's gifts arrive Christmas Eve and usually fit in the stockings. Some of Santa's gifts are wrapped, but always in different paper.

  • T
    Dec 07, 2018

    I despise wrapping so gifts are set out 12/24 after everything has been bought. We don’t believe in hoho(Santa) bringing gifts.

  • Amanda
    Dec 07, 2018

    My parents always had Santa clause gifts in the living room for Christmas morning. Then family gifts in the afternoon in the family room and we did stockings at night. They wanted us to have something to look forward to the whole day and not open all our gifts at once. We do that now with our kids.

  • Austin
    Dec 07, 2018

    growing up, i had three siblings so we put our gifts to each other and our parents under the tree as soon as they were ready to go, which made for a decent amount of gifts. we were one of those families that opened one each on christmas eve. then christmas morning all the gifts from our parents and santa were set out, which made for a big exciting moment. as a father now, i still don't know how i want to do things but i think the way i grew up maximized the hype.

  • Jessica
    Dec 07, 2018

    I make a big emphasis of wrapping gifts we buy for others and setting them under our tree. Then, as I have time, I’ll wrap gifts for my kid and sneak them under the tree. Sometimes she notices and sometimes she doesn’t (she’s 6). By Christmas Eve, all but Santa’s gifts are under the tree. It’s fun to look at a tree full of gifts, but I know my daughter isn’t going too rip them open.