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Giving 1 year old food.


My baby is breastfed and I am trying to get him to eat table food. When me and my husband eat I give him whatever we are eating but he only throws it on the floor and will only eat the baby foods. What can I do? Any suggestions?

  • Jessica
    Jun 05, 2019

    Keep presenting him with the foods. I gave our little girl (who is 1 as well) fruit first because it was her absolute favorite baby food and I knew it would go well introducing them to her. Does he have a favorite you could give him?

  • Vonda
    Jun 06, 2019

    My son didn’t want solids until after 1yo. He only ate purée. So I made meals in a purée form for him. Got the book ‘baby foodie’ helped a lot. Had some purée be chunkier so it got him to start chewing a little. Until one day he reached over and took some food off my plate to try it. When they are ready they’ll let you know.

  • Damon
    Jun 07, 2019

    We went with baby led weening (BLW) with our first, and it was pretty successful. We started sharing steamed veggies and fruit at about 6 months. They mostly end up all over the floor and table. The saying is: food before one, is just for fun. They aren't getting their primary nutrition from the food, it's still all coming from the nursing so it's just about exploring textures and tastes, improving pincer grip and utensils... It helps to make them less fussy eaters later. Try teaching her how to dip. Use the puree as dip for steamed veggies like peppers or sweet potatoes. When our son learned to dip it's all he wanted to do. Any time we wanted him to try something it was either a "New dip!" Or something new to dip in his favorite dip.

  • Orid ivan
    Aug 09, 2019

    Babies are at times selective, if they want something different give them. Just ensure the food contains all the necessary nutrients for the child to grow well and avoid malnutrition. So in simple terms give the child what he wants and try to add a little of what you are eating. Slowly he/she will join u in that food in days to come