Goals or New Years resolutions?!

Hello everyone! I’ve been talking to a few people about whether they believe in New Years resolutions. Do you guys see a point in making them?

  • Jeanne
    Jan 03

    I do and will teach my child some traditions to do too. I googled traditions and resolutions for kids

  • Adrianna
    Jan 03

    I’m google some as well for my kids

  • Christa
    Jan 03

    I started with free ones- I totally don’t do the whole “go to the gym more” “eat healthier” because I kinda already just do that. If I don’t like something about how things are going I just change it!! So far as teaching kids about them, my son is only 11 months old, but I implement little things that we do together every day (read a book together- a chapter book- and we read 2 -3 chapters a night at dinner. Right now we are reading adventures of huckleberry Finn). Also, it’s my goal to get him to sleep in his crib in his own room all night long. So we do that and established a routine. It’s an experiment- if the routine doesn’t work I change it! Drink more water every day- since he’s starting to like to drink water, I make sure he drinks a bottle of water or sometimes more and I drink 3-4 big Hydroflasks a day. I guess in all, I don’t really believe in the whole “New Years resolutions” and just fix things I don’t like, and experience and experiment on things!