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Going to be traveling with 1.5 year old twins on a short flight. Any tips!?!


We will be take a trip with our 1.5 old twins on a short flight. We are planning on taking our double umbrellas stroller and renting full size cribs/high chairs when we get down there. Anyyy tips are appreciated!!!

  • Diana
    Mar 14

    New toys for them to discover during the flight, nurse/use pacifier at take off and landing, make sure to bring medicine for any unexpected illness (nosefrida etc.), antibacterial wipes, backpacks instead of diaper bags 😊

  • Tyajah
    Mar 15

    Babywearing was a major help for me every time I’ve flown

  • Anonymous
    Mar 15

    Yep- new toys, snacks, download shows on your phone for desperate times! Skip nap time or get them up early so they’re tired for the nap and fall asleep.

  • Laura
    Mar 15

    Do not skip nap before the flight. Kids are never in a good mood when they're over tired. We usually do a 3:30 flight across the country and I always make sure our daughter gets a good nap in from 11-1 beforehand. Definitely babywear.

  • Jennifer
    Mar 16

    Snacks all the snacks. At that age my son actually slept on the plane really well even though it wasn’t naptime

  • Mike
    Mar 16

    You’re going to be carrying a lot of stuff. Figure out your carseat strategy, I’d suggest renting carseats in advance by calling into your car rental (if you have one) or having family buy used car seats if they are picking you up.

  • Colby
    Mar 17

    Lots of stickers!!!!

  • Melissa
    Mar 17

    Window clings were helpful, small books, little toys, snacks, water bottle. Try to pack enough but not too much or you will bogged down with stuff.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 17

    Thanks everyone!!! Any advice for actually traveling with them- packing? Etc? It’s a beach trip!

  • Melany
    Mar 21

    My family and I travel overseas a lot. Shortest flight over 17 hours. They do great with minor adjustments based on age. Have new cheap toys for them to open (matchbox or hot wheels cars, figurines non choking size for your age group, duplos or legos for older age). Be sure to bring a snack or granola bar they like and can eat. Let them be free in seats, even play on floor in your row, without bothering other travelers, once the plane is in the air (my 4 year old knows to walk on her own to the flight attendant and ask for water if she is thirsty). They usually cry from ear pain at take off and landing. Have a drink available (pick up in airport) or like safe food based on age (gum, gummy bears or things to suck on like lollipop). For beach, just need water safety devices or jackets, sunscreen and (and bug spray if applicable). Have hats and coverups in case sun gets too much. Both my kids had thin full body wetsuits. And just enjoy them at this age.