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GPS Tracker


My little one is going to start pre-school in August and will be bused from school to daycare. I'm looking for a reliable tracking device that she won't lose. She isn't really good with jewelry. So I'm not sure if a watch works be a great idea. Any suggestions?

  • annag
    Mar 25

    bicycle helmet? jacket? mittens? of course, those can all get lost, too.

  • PK
    Mar 25

    They make gps trackers that have a loop so that you can attach it to their belt or shoelaces

  • Jennifer
    May 01

    A lot of kids at my son school and summer camp uses the Gizmo watch. It costs $150 and you sign up with Verizon and pay $5/month. The watch is waterproof. I've seen kids as little as 5 uses them. It has a GPS tracker that even shows you want section of the school they are at. You can send text message to remind them to drink water. And they can make 5 phone calls on the watch. My coworker got one for her 5yr old daughter and it works great. I'm planning to get my daughter one when she starts kindergarten this upcoming August.