Guilty mom

How should I break the news to our kids that my husband and I are taking a 3-day getaway without them! They are 7 and 9.

  • Caroline
    Sep 19, 2019

    Try to position it as positively as possible and talk about how exciting what they will be doing (for example “grandma and grandpa are visiting and they are so excited to take care of you and do x, y, and z!”). If you seem worried that they’ll be upset, then they will pick up on that and naturally be upset. Granted, I haven’t had this experience with my kiddo yet because he’s still a baby. But when my parents did their annual week-long kid-free staycation (we farmed so family trips weren’t an option), they talked about how we were the ones getting the exciting trip to stay with our grandparents and do cool things. We didn’t actually do a ton of groundbreaking things with our grandparents but it felt super exciting (and was) because my parents and grandparents sold it to us as such. Hope this helps!

  • Beth
    Sep 19, 2019

    Definitely what Caroline said! Focus on what they get to do! You'll miss them and if they miss you, you can always have a phone call or a FaceTime these days! Don't tease them about how nice it'll be for you guys to not see them, because that'll start to frame it like they're a burden.

  • Anays
    Sep 25, 2019

    Thank you ladies. It went super well.