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Hair dilemma

My daughter’s hair is all over her face but we are not ready to give her bangs aka haircut. We have been put it up in a pony but daycare lady takes it out everyday for safety which I kinda get. But the hair is driving me nuts, not to mention she looks homeless. Hair clips don’t stay but for 2 min and I believe that’s a bigger choking hazard. So short of haircut, what is one to do? Hair gel? Is there a safe hair gel for kids?

  • Kieli
    Mar 20

    I sometimes put my daughters hair in the little ponytail flip style like pictured. I also use the little rubber bands so there’s no way she can pull them out without pulling her hair out. I do one on each side so it stays out of her face

  • Beatrice
    Mar 20

    Use coconut oil or baby oil better then using any gels or sprays

  • Sara
    Mar 21

    I put two little braids in, one on each side of my daughter’s face, and then secure the braids back with clips against her head in the back (where she can’t see the clips to pull them out.)