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Hand Foot Mouth Disease??


Not sure if my child has it or not. Not sure if he got it from his baby sister (almost 7months) Baby only had those red spots on her body a couple places. 2yr old had sore/bleeding/swollen gums. A blister on his tongue and still little red spots on his face and arms. He had a fever the first night also. He hasnt been eating very much of anything because his mouth hurts and so also not much energy(just wonders around the house and stares off ) He's going to the Doctor today but if any of you have any ideas or suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.

  • PK
    Sep 18

    It could be. Our whole house got it and my son actually recovered from it faster than my husband and I 😂. We were just told to take Tylenol and ibuprofen to manage pain and fever. To make sure we were drinking a lot of fluids since it might hurt to swallow anything. I would definitely talk to dr about it before taking my word, but we alternated Tylenol and ibuprofen because one medicine alone wasn’t enough.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 18

    Thank you hoping us parents and nanny dont get it. But its been about 5days now, ive had a sore throat, but not sure if its from them. Hoping its nothing too serious.🤞