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Has anyone been to France with a baby? Any tips?

  • Sarah
    Jan 03, 2018

    We traveled to Amsterdam when our son was 11 months. It went great! I researched the grocery stores and checked out their versions of our daily baby essentials such as formula, cereal etc. The only things that were hard was definitely the sleeping and time change. He also started walking while we were there.. so you can imagine the flight Home was definitely more hard than flying there. But so many fabulous memories we had there. For packing food and diapers.. we packed what we would need for traveling there and for enough days until we could get to the grocery store and purchase those everyday items. Hope you have a fabulous trip!

  • Caroline
    Jan 03, 2018

    We did when she was 4,5 Months. The trip was very easy (overnight flight to go to Paris and day flight to come back). The hardest part was the time change and new environment. She literally screamed every night for a week... we were exhausted! Let me know if you have specific questions. Plan on taking a light stroller, diapers for flight, baby carrier, and buy other stuff in France

  • Jessica
    Jan 04, 2018

    Europeans are very different than Americans when it comes to children. They love them! Be prepared for lots of smiles, warm embraces and strangers playing with the baby. It's actually quite nice. If you can get an overnight flight I highly recommend it. I don't know how old your baby is but we combatted jet lag by dropping our bags at the apartment and immediately going out and seizing the day. We knew we'd be able to get diapers but packed a lot, just in case. Also, we bought an inexpensive stroller that we didn't care of it got destroyed or lost. Research the towns you're going to, some have a lot of cobblestone streets or steps making strollers basically useless. Hope that helps! Have an amazing time

  • Caitlin
    Jan 04, 2018

    Thanks so much everybody!